History of Board Members

Here is a list of our board members in past years. Each of these board members has put in work to improve the club, and as our history continues, we want to be able to highlight their achievements and remember them for their hard work for our organization.


President: Gordon Huang
External VP: Daniel Lew
Internal VP: Garrett Quan
Treasurer: Chanel Lee
Secretary: Thien Doan
Public Relations: Christie Hui, Ryan Young
Publicity: Lian Yu
Social Chair: Christine Lee, Karina Wong
Head of Staff: Golden Hong
Culture Show Chair: Roger Ruan
Webmaster: Lucas Hsu
Senior Advisor: Hunter Orensztein
Historian: Robert Nguyen


President: Gordon Huang
External VP: Brian Fong
Internal VP: Crystal Yung
Treasurer: Jason Wong
Secretary: Crystal Yung
Public Relations: Ryan Young
Social Chair: Garrett Quan
Culture Show Chair: Brandyn Wong
Webmaster: Brian Fong
Senior Advisor: Lian Yu
Historian: Robert Nguyen