The best way to stay updated with us is to join our Facebook page! We always post upcoming events on the page, which has all the information you need. The Facebook events have information on time, date, location of pick-up, etc. If you haven't already, join our Facebook page here.
We will sell CASA merchandise throughout the year, such as t-shirts and tanks. If you want to buy merchandise, talk to one of the officers. If you want to buy a CASA Membership Card, officers will have cards and can sell them to you! More information on these items will also be on the Facebook page.

At GBMs, sometimes we will give away merchandise and discount cards as prizes, so make sure you come out and join the fun!
Here's how it works: if you want to be an officer, let one of the officers know you are interested. You will be on staff, where you will help the board plan events. Figure out what position you want to be, and talk to the officer who holds that position about shadowing them so you can learn more about their responsibilities and their role. If you still want to be on board at the end of the school year, elections will be held in Spring Quarter (more on that below). If you are elected to a position, you are officially on board for the next school year!
Elections are held in the middle of Spring Quarter of the school year. When that time comes, you can apply for the positions you want to run for (you can even run for multiple!). For each application, you must write about why you believe you are the right candidate for that position.

On election day, make sure to dress nice! All board members, staff, and candidates will be present to listen to candidates give their speech. Other candidates running for the same position will leave the room. After all candidates have given their speeches, everyone will vote. If you are elected to a position, congratulations!

The CASA Constitution has everything you need about positions, their responsibilities, and the election process. It can be downloaded here.
A "big" is someone on board who will act as your friend/mentor/partner-in-crime. A big will help your transition to UCSD if you are a freshman or new transfer. You can make them drive you around (if they have a car) and even make them pay for your meals! Getting a big is a great way to meet new friends, whether it's your big's friends or your big's other littles!
A family consists of a few officers and regular members who want to be part of a small, tight-knit group of people in CASA. There are usually a couple of families who have their own unique names. Each family will have their own events, where members can bond with officers and vice versa. This helps promote closer bonds with people in your family so you can get to know them on a more personal level!
UCSD CASA is part of a bigger organization of universities at UCSD. Hi 5 includes: TASA, HKSU, UTA, and CU.

Many times throughout the school year, Hi 5 clubs will have joint events to allow members of all organizations to meet members in other organizations at UCSD. We believe this is a great way to meet new friends who come from similar backgrounds. Keep up with any of the Facebook groups to stay updated on upcoming joint events!
UCSD CASA is part of a bigger organization of universities in the Southern California area. Big 5 includes CASA-equivalents in other schools: UCI CA, UCLA ACA, UCR CSA, and USC CASA.

Every year, we have intercollegiate events at different campuses throughout the school year. Some of these events include All Staff (games), CHF (games and performances), All-Cal (clubbing and dance competition), and many more. It is always a blast to meet people from other schools, so we hope you get the chance to experience the fun!
Being one of CASA's sponsors has many benefits. First, it's free advertisement! There's no cost from your business, and we promote your business through images on the website and at GBMs. Sometimes, we will have an event where we choose a restaurant to eat/drink or a business to host an event. All you have to do is choose a discount you want to give to those who show the CASA Membership Card at your business!

If you want to sponsor CASA, talk to the External Vice President directly or email us.

More information on sponsors can be found on the Sponsors tab.