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The Chinese American Student Association (CASA) at UCSD is a cultural, social, and community service oriented organization, striving to promote the Chinese American culture throughout UCSD and its surrounding community. Founded in 1972 at the University of California - San Diego, CASA is an organization that serves to unite all those with a love of the Chinese culture under a common banner in order to forge life-long friendships and to explore the 5,000-year-old Chinese culture.

We host a variety of events promoting Chinese American awareness and ethnicity in the UCSD community. Cooperating with other Asian organizations on campus as well as conducting joint events with other UC affiliated Chinese organizations, CASA serves as an excellent social network between students, both new and old. CASA serves as a home away from home for students who share a common interest in the Chinese culture. The Chinese American Student Association is an organization united by culture, strengthened through friendship.

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